BlkPodNews is the official newsletter of the Black Podcasters Association. Our mission is to provide informative news and resources to Black podcast creatives and professionals, connecting them to industry-related news, events, educational resources, and more - all from a Black perspective. Our goal is to become the go-to source for the latest information and insights from the Black creatives and professionals within the podcast industry.

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About The BPA

Our mission is to unite Black podcast creatives and professionals committed to redefining the podcast landscape and establish a foundation that fully supports our creative voices, respects our brands, and aligns with our core values, as we share engaging content with the world. 

The Black Podcasters Association ensures that our members are prepared to capitalize on the early growth and momentum of the podcasting industry as it continues to evolve. 

Our Core Values

Professionalism - creating a standard that will help all members to produce the best results they can while protecting their creative process.

Trust -  to be vigilant in providing our BPA community, the podcasting industry, and our audiences with authenticity and value while remaining true to ourselves as individuals and as a collective.

Integrity - a community is only as strong as its collective. Establishing and maintaining integrity is the cornerstone of our community. All members will ensure that we strive to reach the highest standards possible when representing our community, themselves, and the content they create. 

Diversity - Black people are not a monolith and come with a diverse collective intelligence that allows our community to become a safe haven that practices inclusivity and fosters an environment that allows black podcasters to respectfully express their views, thoughts, and creative talents. 

Community of Service - It is through the contribution of service to one another that a community is able to flourish. This creates a thriving network, which fosters positive relationships, supports emotional well-building, and protects the mental health of all of our members.

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Black Podcasters Association™

Our purpose is to unite black podcast creatives and professionals committed to redefining the podcast landscape and establish a foundation that fully supports our creative voices, respects our brands and aligns with our core values.

Al Pete

https://mralpete.com and https://mpn-llc.com

Chris Colbert

Chris Colbert is the CEO of the media company DCP Entertainment & the recording space Podstream Studios Times Square. And he hosts the podcasts "Say Their Name" & "Entrepreneur Struggle”.

Anna DeShawn

Anna, pronouns anything respectful, is a multi-award winning podcaster and Ambie award winning podcast producer and host. She is also a Chicago-born social entrepreneur who builds streaming platforms which center & celebrate BIPOC & QTPOC creatives.

Denese Duran

I am a podcaster, creative & Licensed Social worker.

Adell Coleman

Adell Coleman is COO of DCP Entertainment. They distribute podcasts for/by underserved communities. She host Say Their Name podcast and curates the newsletter Your Podcast Playlist which highlights the various roles in podcasting from BIPOC creators.

Shamiko Reid

A Lover & A Writer

Robb Dunewood

Robb Dunewood is the host and creator of The Tech Jawn, Co-host of SMRpodcast, and building Record, Promote, and Profit, a podcast-centered media company, in public.

Summer Burnley, Esq.

Summer Burnley is the dynamic trademark attorney & business strategist behind the virtual boutique law firm Burnley Law PLLC. She also hosts The Lurk Lounge® Podcast, where she discusses the real on all things legal, business, & entrepreneur-related.